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Candee May about shooting at the BBG Studio "It was such a great atmosphere and it was so fun! If I'm being honest I've always known that I was more sexually active than most girls my age and I'm pretty good at sucking cock, so I've been told lol. After working with the same people for a while I really learned to enjoy myself and found myself getting pretty excited to do more." So, with that said, we approach her about doing a solo site. "Getting into this industry was never part of my life plan but I was given the opportunity and I said, why not!" But then after many discussions and lots of shooting pictures and video she disappeared on us.

Here is a bit more about Candee May.

  • - She is 19 years old and works full-time in retail.

  • - Height: 4'11"

  • - She has a positive attitude all the time.

  • - She lost her virginity to a friends older brother.

  • - She is 420 Friendly and enjoys getting stoned.

  • - Favorite Sport: Honestly I don't really watch sports to often but if you want to show me how it works I'm okay with that hehe.

  • - Favorite Music: I'm pretty open with my music and it really also just depends on my mood and how or what I'm doing at the time. But I do listen to a lot of hip-hop.

  • - Favorite Movies: Pineapple Express, The Great Gatsby

  • - What I do for fun: I'm honestly a pretty big pothead but I also don't drink very often. I Iike to go to parties or go places to dance and have a good time with friends but I also like spending some peaceful time in the woods or in nature.

  • - Birthday: January 29th

Well unfortunately for all of us, Candee May lost interest in shooting and moved on to other things. So, since we had the pictures and videos, we decided to share all the pics and video that we shot in preparing for her site, so enjoy this little bit of this HOT, 18-year-old Latina!!


  • Height: 4'11" (150 CM)
  • Age: 19
  • Fun Fact: Candee May is a 420 and wake and bakes while staying high all day. She loves weed!
  • Astrological Sign: AQUARIUS

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